Our ‘PAT Testing’ courses…

Whether you are new to the ‘PAT Testing’ role, or an experienced inspector, we have the course available to help build or refine your skills to the latest industry standards.

You can learn at your own workplace, or come to our training centre in Lincolnshire. Alternatively, experienced ‘PAT Testers’ may choose to requalify online with our Online Refresher Course.

‘PAT Testing’….

Whether a ‘one man band’ or a multi-national, we all have a responsibility to ensure our staff, visitors and customers are safe. Maintaining electrical equipment in the workplace is a part of this.

How often?

All electrical items will pose a risk, but some more than others. Following a risk assessment, you will now know which electrical items are most likely to cause harm or damage. These are the priority items.

What’s required?

A suitably trained and experienced inspector should perform a series of checks, inspections and electrical tests to determine whether the electrical item is safe to use.

A suitably trained and experienced ‘PAT Tester’ will be able to inspect and test all electrical equipment at a workplace whether…

  • 110V (construction/workshop equipment)
  • 230V (typical mains supplied equipment)
  • 400V (three phase)

…and be able to carry out…

  • Environment checks
  • Formal Visual Inspections
  • Electrical Tests using a suitable ‘PAT Testing’ device

As you can see from the pictures below, not all electrical equipment is ‘portable’… but it’s still included in In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment…

1 Day On-site – we visit your premises

By far our most popular ‘PAT Testing’ course. One of our instructors will visit your premises and deliver our professional ‘PAT Testing’ course to your staff in their own work environment. This allows us to personalise the course and show your staff what to do with their own electrical equipment.

1 Day On-site – schools and charities – 10% Discount

Schools and charities perform a vital role and need all the help they can get. For this reason, we have decided to offer a little help. This course has the same professional content, but what makes it a little sweeter is the 10% discount when we visit you at your premises.

1 Day Training Centre – you come to us

Being trained at your premises has its benefits, but for some companies it’s not possible due to a lack of a suitable training room. Not a problem, come to us and use our facilities. With training rooms to cater for groups of up to 20 people, we can look after your every need.

‘PAT Testing’ devices

If you already have a ‘PAT Test’ device, we will happily show you how to use it correctly, as well as letting you know whether it complies with the latest Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.

If you are looking for some test equipment, we will be pleased to give you our impartial opinion of which device would best suit your needs.

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